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Getting Started

We will update this section regularly - so always check here FIRST for solutions to any problems you may encounter

Help & FAQs

Problems trying to log in?

Are you on the right training site?

It may sound obvious, but we have three distinct sites - so double check that you are definitely registered and trying to log in to the correct website.

Do you have an account?

If you registered for an account, or were added by a Trainer/Admin, check you email (including the spam/junk folder) for your confirmation email that would contain a temporary password.

Are you using the correct email address and password?

Double check that the address and password you are using is the same as the one you registered with.

Forgotten your password?

Then simply use the forgot your password button


What to try something is not working as you expect

Is my Browser up to date?

In order to use our site fully, you will need a modern web browser. Not only will this help to solve most issues, it will also help keep your computer safe as old browsers can soon become a huge security problem. 

The latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge will all work well. 

Avoid ANY version of Microsoft Internet Explorer as it is no longer supported and may pose a security risk to you if you stumble upon a fraudulent website.

Try a "browser refresh".

This is different for each browser, so will depend on what you are using. So type into Google "how do I refresh my browser" and you will easily find the most up to date answer.

Try a "Hard refresh"

If a basic browser refresh doesn't work, then try a "hard refresh" - you guessed it, google will help you if you type "how do I do a hard refresh".

Check Javascript

As with virtually every modern website, we rely on JavaScript to provide you with a user friendly experience.

Our site should warn you if it is not enabled, so you must ensure that it is in order to view much of the training content. Google "how do I enable JavaScript" to find out more.

Shut Down and Restart Your Computer

It's the first thing that every call centre tells you to do - and there is a good reason for that!

Basically if you still have problems, then a full and COMPLETE shut down (not just "sleep") will often sort out a whole host of gremlins. So quit every app, shut down then restart.